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Rain Rain Go Away Free


Most popular TAP TAP fun game for preschoolers has finally arrived on the Android platform. ★★★★★ -"... I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of preschoolers. I will be playing the app more with my four year old son for sure!"
★★★★★ -"... Children are engaged and even though they get the hang of it still have to work to achieve the levels."
★★★★★ - "Super app! My 3 old niece loves it" - Pri_★★★★★ - "This is a game that makes kids obsessed." - mianyik1★★★★★ - "Background music is interesting" - zcrxss★★★★★ - "Cutest game ever!" - ZukoLuna★★★★★ - "I teach my 2 years old son to play these little games" - sub-rina
'Rain Rain Go Away by HooplaKidz' is a TAP TAP FUN and interactive experience designed for AGES: 2​+ that encourages development of visual motor skills​ & hand-eye coordination​ ​in kids.
Once the rain clouds disappear you can play with Annie and her friends. Annie has lots of friends with who you can catch ​frisbees, jump over hay stacks and even race with them, they're sure to keep you busy!
Rain Rain Go Away's simple dialog, clear instructions and 2 part command ensures your child will easily be able to understand, navigate and interact with the game. The vocabulary used is complemented with appropriate visual illustrations and a glowing indicator for the same. As we all know children learn best by watching we have incorporated a guide for Level 1 of all our games.
​​PLAY CATEGORY: Nursery Rhyme
​​GAME ACTIVITIES:- BEN the dog - Tap to make the dog JUMP & CATCH ​frisbees- KELLY the cow - Tap the cows to WAKE them up and FEED them hay- HARRY the horse - Tap the horse to make him JUMP over obstacles in the RACE- PENNY the pig - Tap to REMOVE the pigs from the mud puddle and CLEAN them- TURBO the turtle - Tap to make the turtle FOLLOW your finger and finish the RACE
PLEASE NOTE : This is an Ad supported version. Please purchase the Ad-free version to enjoy the game without any ads.
​​​ABOUT HOOPLAKIDZ NETWORK:At HooplaKidz we know how important the first few years of development are to your child, thus all HooplaKidz apps are designed by a team of experts (psychologist, educator, designer) whose only focus is enhancing your child's skill set! HooplaKidz child-centered approach aids in the development of various skills such cognitive, visual-motor, reasoning, and social skills in the most entertaining and creative way! HooplaKidz apps are designed to encourage children to be active learners, we ensure this through exploration, association and trial-error method learning; this is complemented with appropriate reinforcement and interaction. Ensuring your child is a self-motivated learner!HooplaKidz apps and games are your child’s favorite destination for fun and learning!To enable you to choose the right app for your child all HooplaKidz apps and games detail the skills developed using the app and why they are important. We do this because HooplaKidz wants you to make the smartest choice for your little genius.HooplaKidz apps and games through their host of creative activities ensure your child develops, practices their learning, plays and above all has oodles of fun!
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